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bringing them closer to facing off with president obama in november. >> reporter: mitt romney greeting supporters in ohio in a town hall campaign event hoping to cash in on his momentum after five straight victories, pushing his message of wanting to improve the economy. >> this is the best place for entrepreneurs, innovators, because i want more good jobs i want rising incomes again that is what it is all about. >> rick santorum campaigning in the buckeye state the two are polling in a practical dead heat santorum trying to garner votes and gain the advantage. >> this is an opportunity for ohio to stand up for values that made this country great. >> hoping to wrestle away conservative vote from newt gingrich on fox news sunday, santorum suggested the presence of the former speaker is splitting the conservative vote and holding him back. gingrich enjoying a double digit lead in his home state of georgia say poll numbers and supporters are growing in other states. >> the poll came out in tennessee we gained 17 points in a week. >> reporter: meanwhile ron paul is hoping one or more of th
for having me. >>> >>> and not to the cam pain trail where mitt romney is trying to wrap up the gop presidential nomination and there is some signs the fight might be causing some to reach their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as rick santorum -- santorum lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail and calling mitt romney, quote, the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama. the former pennsylvania senator later saying that he meant romney can't stand up to obama on healthcare. his temper flaring during a confrontation with a "new york times" reporter. >> gabs barack obama. and he fashioned the blueprint. and i have been saying that every speech. if i see it, it's -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: as the supreme court reviews president obama's healthcare law, romney tries to distance himself from the bill. largely fashioned after the one he passed while governor of massachusetts. >> and there are a lot of reasons not to like obama care. my colleagues the other day listed a series of them, about 30 things. i chuckled that and shaking my head. among them
? >> and that is good news. thank you. >>> >>> it's the biggest day on the primary calendar. supertuesday. mitt romney is looking to become the definitive front runner and keep the race between him and rick santorum going. virginia is one of 10 supertuesday states where voters will wrap things up or keep it running strong through the spring and what are you watching for? >> reporter: it's a busy night and let's start in virginia. and that is where mitt romney is expected to do well tonight and has a loot to do with the fact that it's a two-man race. rick santorum and newt gingrich are not on the ballot in virginia and that is because they're not equal tied to do so. across the country,ly week -- we look to ohio and that is drawing a lot of attention. keep in mind, no republican has win the presidency without winning ohio and that is important. and rick santorum and mitt romney are hitting each other back and forth with non-stop tv ads and santorum did very well in the midwest and a victor could seriously damage romney's campaign. but, you know, looking down south, though, newt gingrich is looking for
romney should be worried. >>> and why questions are being raised about the d.c. fire chief's record. gary. >>> how does it get better than today? the temperatures into the upper 60s. and are we going to get warmer for tomorrow? first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at five rolls on.  . >> mitt romney said he's prepared to fight all of the way to the republican national convention and won six of the states up for grabs last night and hasn't closed the deal. rick santorum continues to score wins and delegates and tom, romney hasn't delivered the punch. >> reporter: the loss in tennessee last night and the victory in ohio by 1% and that made it clear that he has a lot of work to do in winning over the republican voters and romney is far ahead in the race for convention delegates and despite losing four states, his campaign insists that it's the only one with enough money, enough organization to go up against president obama in the fall. the "associated press" tally seems to back that up and showing mitt romney with 415 delegates and santorum's 176. and he pledged
romney and santorum have an edge across the country. and thank you for being with us. how important are the primaries? >> reporter: definitely important when you talking about alabama and mississippi, not just because of the delegates, 50 up for grabs in alabama and 40 in mississippi and there is a lot to win and lose tonight, from mitt romney, there is a lot do togain and picking up the deep southern state. picking up alabama or mississippi or getting a large portion of those gel delegates and that is giving him more momentum and credibility. newt gingrich staked his entire campaign on the southern strategy and is banking on mississippi and alabama. losing those states there could put a damp or his vow to go through august. rick santorum hopes newt gingrich will bow out to become the conservative alternative to mitt romney and ron paul is focusing on the caucus in hawaii this evening. >> romney needs to win because he hasn't won any of the southern states. >> and he needs this, to nip that in the bud, the whole you can't win over the conservative base of the republican party and th
, because that's going to be important. >> promises made have not been delivered. >> mitt romney has not locked up the republican nomination. he can use maryland's 37 delegates. rick santorum and newt gingrich are in the race. american university political science professor says romney should come out on top. >> mitt romney is going to do well on tuesday in maryland. he's going to do very well. he's going to win most of those delegates. >> i'm ben and both my grandfather. >> incumbent u.s. senator is facing his first reelection. shows five other candidates also running for the democratic nomination, but on the republican side, there are nine candidates on the ballot. heavily favored. >> ben should be a shoe in. the only way he is in danger is if larger events the economy washes out the obama administration. >> i'll fight to pass a balanced budget amendment. >> rosco is getting a lot of attention this year. mainly because his sixth district was redrawn, giving it northern montgomery county. shows bart let facing off with six challengers while fi
for coming in. >> thanks. >>> a big boost for mitt romney with the win in the illinois primary. he defeesed rick santorum. he polled 47% of the vote compared to the 35 and romney picked up 41 delegates and santorum claims his base remains strong. >> and we're going to pick up a boat load of delegates. >> each day we move closer to victor and a better america join us. >> up next, the louisiana primary on saturday. >>> and former governor jeb bush endorsed mitt romney. he has a higher profile than most governors and in a statement -- a statement, he said it's time for republicans to push their support behind romney. >>> actor robert dinero said he meant no offense. he said america may not be ready for a white first lady. his remarks were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone. newt gingrich complained the reference to republican candidates was inexcusable and demanded an apology from president obama. mrs. obama called the joke inappropriate. >>> a special moment for a prince georges community college student. he posted this video. he is deaf and when the president approached his spot in the
. appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >>> mitt romney's camp said he may get an endorsement from a former u.s. president. a spokesperson said that president george h.w. bush would welcome romney to the houston office some time today. the former first lady barbara bush endorsed romney and recorded robo calls for him. the former florida governor jeb bush endorsed romney last week. >>> the pope met with fidel castro a half hour on this final day of the visit and drew hundreds of thousands of people to revolution square. the pope demanded greater freedom for the catholic church in cuba and called for an end to the country's isolation. >>> >> reporter: if you have kids who are still in school, they're going to love this next story. coming up. >>> why some researchers say homework is overrated. >>> a student waiting for her dad to return from home from overseas gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> stay with us. ay with us.  . >> a brand new study is that should have brought a lot of interest from parents, teachers, and students. researchers from australia find that homework offers the benefit t
change the tone of the race going forward. craig bosswell brings you the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney and chris santorum chris crossed delaware. romney is favored in northern more populated areas of the state, including chicago. >> one of the people running for the republican nomination today said that he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bother him. i do care about the unemployment rate. >> reporter: rick santorum expected to perform stronger in rural and more conservative downstate illinois. >> the unsuccessful degree of the state of massachusetts is one of the worst job creators in the four years. >> reporter: the increased pressure in the race has the two campaigns trading more criticisms of one another on healthcare and the economy. >> and this is that important state to show you can appeal to all of the voters. >> reporter: newt gingrich is vokeusing -- focusing on louisiana where the vote is saturday. >> my most standards, people would accept that i am a much better debater than romney or santorum. >> reporter: the former house speaker spent mormony in febr
tuesday and november thinking there's one guy who has a plan to create jobs. >> reporter: mitt romney fresh off six super tuesday wins is headed to the bible belt as well. struggled to win over the social conservatives and van gel calls who make up the voting block there. romney not expected to win the upcoming contest; but won't lose the lead he has over rivals. >> eighty percent of republican primary voters say regardless of who they want to win, they will believe he will be the nomination. >> reporter: he called for other candidates saying romney will be the nominee and that staying in the race helps the obama campaign well organized, well funded and working toward the general election. >> greg the big grassroots campaign across the country. >> santorum supporters have called for gingrich to bow out. fox news. >>> an unexpected rise in unemployment benefits says the economy showing signs of recovery. claims rose last week. claims still remain near the lowest in four years which suggest labor conditions are improving. >>> not everyone is feeling the effects of the economy, especiall
in office. >> laying the groundwork for a new economy. >> reporter: after mitt romney's stint in the windy city he idea to puerto rico where the primary is sunday. >> i want to create more jobs, to bring good jobs to puerto rico. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall delegate count. his campaign and the super backpacking him poured more than $3 million into television spots in illinois while the rick santorum is around half a million. >> i think we have a chance of winning illinois even though we are being out spend. >> santorum trails romney by 12 points but the race is closer when asked about a race without newt gingrich. the former house speaker is focusing on louisiana. >> when i look at the gulf, i see energy. i see tourism and seafood. >> ron paul is battling for his share of delegates. the vote in illinois is tuesday. president obama is headlining five fundraisers. >>> could gambling be on the way to prince george county? a proposal would authorize a casino there. this afternoon county executive sharon baker testified before a house committee to push for the plan. he prefers to s
has details. >>> after an early morning stop at a diner in springfield illinois mitt romney moved on to chicago for an address on economic freedom. >> the truth is this economy is struggling because our government is too big too intrusive too invasive of our economic freedoms. >> reporter: the map is favouring romney the day before voters cast ballots there. average poll, shows the massachusetts governor leading santorum more than 8 points he is racking up the miles in the land of lincoln. >> he simply abandoned freedom when he was governor of massachusetts and he abandoned it when he promoted obama care in 2009. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator is a distant second in the overall delegate count but santorum is slightly favoured in the contest this coming weekend in louisiana while newt gingrich and ron paul have no scheduled public event it is race remains a four way contest. >> if gingrich did lead the race according to the latest fox poll a large number of voters would go to santorum but enough to romney so he would keep his lead. >> president obama added $45 million
nomination would be fine with voters. mitt romney has far more assumed delegates in the race. "the washington post"/abc news poll, 66% would be fine with romney and 69% would be fine with santorum. the polls in alabama and mississippi have the two in a close race with newt gingrich. and they hold the -- they will push plans for the economy and energy tomorrow. >> we want to make sure to have a candidate going up against president obama who can make the case about energy in our future who can draw a sharp contrast. >> i believe it's essential for the united states to have an american energy policy. i believe it's essential we establish the goal of being the most productive oil producer in the world and natural gas know it's part of the fifth grade and i sometimes wonder why he does the things he does and they're not good for america if they're not creating jobs or not raising income, not getting the gas that we can ford. >> and analysts believe they splitting the votes. santorum would gain favor if gingrich would drop out. >>> we heard donald trump and know he's a savvy businessman. his firm w
.s. could be targets. >>> and could president obama beat mitt romney if the election were held today? the results are still ahead.  . >> an embarrassing mood for nike. the company is apologizing after some shows came out and ruffled a few feathers. the shoe's colors earned them the nickname by some stores, the black and tans. the name is supposed to refer to the drink created by mixing stout and logger. that come -- and lauger, coming from the name of the british parliamentary forces in ireland. a group becoming infamous in the no one 20s for attacking civilians. [ gunshots ] >>> oh. >> uh-huh. >> if you thought free throws were tough, take a look at this. the team who sank this 193- footer was hovering in a helicopter. the viral video appears real because of the multiple angles shown and that still may not be enough for a world record. a similar video claims to show a shot from 219 fight. >>> yeah. >> and the wizards could use someone like that. >>> and thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >>> it's been law for two weeks. same-sex marriage in maryla
poll gives mitt romney the best chance of winning that spot right now. nationally, he pulled out an 11 point lead. his closest competitor. >> what we need in leadership is individuals who will tell the truth and who will live with integrity. i will not embarrass you in the white house. >> in ohio, a crucial state on the way to the republican nomination, polls show rick santorum has the edge. >> we think our grass roots effort and the energy we have in this campaign is going to turn in a very good report for us on super tuesday. >> and newt gingrich is focusing on southern states, hoping his party's conservative base there will keep his campaign alive. >> i believe we need dramatic change and i believe it's possible to rally the american people with a clear vision of a better future. >> after taking a little time off, ron paul is back on the campaign trail. he's in washington state now looking for some support. in the nation's capital, jennifer davis, fox news. >> there is a new movement to keep marion barry out of the national spotlight. political commentator wants to keep d.c.'s
romney doesn't have a majority, i think he will then have one of the most interesting open conventions in american history. >> and just a remindder, maryland's primary is next tuesday. >>> and tell you what, i stepped outside today. to take my son to school. i popped it back in and got a different color. >> it was cold. >> it was. >> and after we were spoiled for so long. it's hard to get used to the cold temperatures again, gary. >> that's right, the froze warning this morning kind of took everyone by surprise, i think. >> uh-huh. >> if you watched it, you knew. >> we knew about it. >> and i am sure there were some people who didn't. not everyone watched. we almost have everybody. >> what? >> there are like four people. >> all right, come o. [ laughter ] >> that's right. call them, shawn. i'm doing the weather, you give them a call. and listen, this is what is going on. we reached a high temperature so far for the day, at least the highest temperature that we have seen so far on the hourly at national, and that is 55. i checked to see if the high temperature was in today. it's not in
of mitt romney. he will support whoever is the republican nominee. another note from the santorum campaign, secret service is investigating an incident at a campaign stop at a louisiana gun range this morning as the candidate fired a 45-caliber semi automatic pistol. a woman in the audience shouted pretend it's obama. santorum was wearing protective earmuffs and said he didn't hear it calls it absurd. >>> all four candidates are campaigning in louisiana today. the primary tomorrow. newt gingrich and rick santorum invested the most energy there. santorum is looking to income his streak of wins in the south. -- wins in the south. >>> and on the second anniversary of president obama's healthcare law, both sides are still at odds. vice president joe biden spoke about the administration's commitment to preserving healthcare for seniors and saying that the healthcare law extended the life of medicare. republicans want to repeal the law before it's up and&running. >> and the simple path you preserve medicare and fix social security and draw down the deficit or spend another trillion on tax cuts f
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